The original, and still sometimes used, term for Geotextile is filter fabrics. PP Woven Geotextiles are commonly known as Woven Geotextiles. These are made of artificial fibres with various petro-chemical derivatives as their source. The functions are separation, filtration, drainage and initial reinforcement. Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. Our product feature high tensile strength and low elongation standards. These have superior capacity for filtration and load distribution, thus reducing rutting and helping in extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways.


  • Dimensional stability
  • Superior mechanical properties to with stand stress during installation and service.
  • Resistance to the biological and chemical environments
  • Low elongation standards
  • Resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis
  • Unaffected by bacteria or fungi


  • Filter below revetments, gabion, mattresses etc..
  • Land reclamation
  • As a separator / stabilizer below highway pavement and in rail track beds
  • As a filter in sub surface drainage application.
  • Geo Bags Geo tubes