By restricting yourself to fine-tuning what already exists, you’ll eventually come up against limits—whether technical, economic, or indeed personal. Transcending those limits takes courage. The courage to be different and believe in your own ideas. The courage to venture into the unknown, seek new paths and mastermind inspirational products. Only with courage you can start searching today for solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. Which is why courage is the vital stepping-stone to our success—as is eloquently reflected in our company history: Instead of being content with the status quo, we constantly reinvent ourselves and our products.

Closeness with Customers
Some things are completely taken for granted. It is only when they are missing that we appreciate their true importance. This applies in particular to closeness. Without closeness, it is hard to build relationships and forge genuine mutual understanding. As an established medium-sized company, we know this. And we know the importance of keeping communication paths short—both inside and outside the company. This is why we make such a point of facilitating personal contact at each of our locations, being in a world of competition, there is one thing we never lose sight of: personal interaction.