Reinforced Soil Slopes, and Slope Stabilization

Engineering projects usually include excavation / cutting activities that lead to the formation of excavated rock / soil slopes. It is essential to maintain the stability of these slopes till the end of the design life for the successful delivery of a project.

Reinforced soil walls are used to make green stable slopes.

Reinforced soil slopes (less than 70 degrees) are similar to reinforced soil walls in construction, but with the option of having biodegradable erosion matting on the face for a completely natural finish.

Both reinforced soil walls and slopes can have a variety of faces to meet the needs of customers.

Products Used

Slope stabilization refers to implemented technique that aims to stabilize an existing unstable slope or slope is excavated from top to bottom for construction. The purpose of slope stabilization techniques is to increase the Factor of Safety of a slope to a level that is considered adequate.

Slope stabilization techniques have been around for a long time. However, what many do not realize is that not all stabilization techniques are suitable for every situation. Most traditional methods, i.e., natural fibre stabilization blankets, are only suitable for shallower slope situation.

With a greater slope, the demands on the stabilization method increases as the water velocities will also increase. With the heightened erosion potential, many commonly used erosion control blankets will fail to hold the soil in place.

Depending on site situation we offer design solution using Soil Nailing, Rock Fall Netting and Coir Mat or Jute Fabric. Soil nailing are structural reinforcing elements to stabilize slope and vertical faced created during excavation.

Rock fall nettings are anchored to the rock slope, help to avoid the deterioration of the slope and the fall of rocks on the pavement. It is especially used for steep slopes. The use of a Jute geotextile / Cor Mat in order to protect the slope from erosion. This geotextile has openings which allow plants to grow, but do not permit the soil to erode even during storms.

Products Used