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Bioengineering forErosion control

Bioengineering is a method of construction using live plants alone or combined with dead or inorganic materials (geosynthetics), to produce living, functioning systems to prevent erosion, control sediment and provide habitat. Bioengineering involves the use of live plants to add structural strength to soil.

and erosion control situations from streambank, River scour and Roadside slopes protection to upland gully restoration and slope stabilization. Bioengineered restoration of flood or high-water damage to streams and roads provides a more natural-looking solution than traditional concrete structures.


  • Low cost and lower long-term maintenance cost than traditional methods

  • Low maintenance requirement of live plants after they are established

  • Environmental benefits of wildlife habitat, water quality improvement and aesthetics

  • Improved strength over time as root systems develop and increase structural stability

  • Compatibility with environmentally sensitive sites with limited access.

Gabion Technology India Offers Design, Supply and Execution for following Bioengineering Erosion Control Methods:

  • Hedge Brush layer

  • Bamboo plantation

  • Hydroseeding /Mulching

  • Geocell with Hydroseeding

  • Coco Fibre /Jute Erosion control blanket with grass plantation

  • Double Twisted wire mesh netting with Grass strips / Hydroseeding

  • Shotcrete Crib wall with Vegetation (Japanese Technology)



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Other services
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