Quality Assurance & Testing Facility

We ensure 100% Quality assured products by means of a well laid out Quality Assurance Plan complying with ISO 9001:2000 norms and meeting the quality standards as per International norms such as ASTM and EN. To ensure the quality, regular in house tests are conducted on the raw materials such as wire as well as the finished products. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with the necessary test equipments to carry out the Tests.


Our Manufacturing Process

We Do Everything Inhouse Right from chemical analysis of incoming Steel Wire Rod, Zinc Ingots and PVC granules, we assure quality at each and every step of the lengthy process of

01 Wire Drawing

Wire Drawing

03 PVC Extrusion

PVC Extrusion

02 Galvanizing


04 Gabion


Different Tests Carried Out

  • Wire diameter

  • Tensile strength & elongation of wire

  • Quantity of Zinc Coating

  • Thickness of PVC Coating (In PVC Coated wire)

Wire Mesh Panel
Wire Mesh Panel
  • Tensile strength of wire mesh panel

  • (Parallel & Perpendicular to the twist direction)

Physical Tests on
Finished Product
Physical Tests on Finished Product
  • Mesh Opening size – ‘D’, horizontal opening

  • Dimensions of Boxes or Netting rolls