GTI® GX Jute Geotextile

Jute Geotextile

GTI GX Jute Geotextiles (JGT) is a natural variant of man-made geotextiles loosely called ‘Geo-synthetics’. JGT has been used successfully to address a host of geo-technical problems. GTI GX JGT is capable of reducing the erosive effects of raindrops while controlling soil wash away from exposed surfaces. JGT degrades naturally & forms mulch that fosters quick vegetative growth. Choosing the right type of JGT and plant species plays a critical role in achieving effective results.

Different types of JGT with their salient properties that can be applied on embankment slopes of railways and of a hill along the railway tracks.

Species of vegetation needs to be selected in sync with local soil and climatic conditions. GTI GX JGT incidentally, does not draw upon nitrogenous reserves with its degradation and its fibrous residue improves the soil structure.

Special Features

  • High Moisture absorbing Capacity,

  • Flexibility & Abundant in Nature

  • Good drainage properties

  • Bio-degradable

  • Low cost solution

  • Promote vegetation growth


  • Slope Erosion Control

  • Bio Engineering Erosion Control Measures

Reference codes

  • MORTH 700: Geosynthetics

  • IRC 056: Recommended Practice for Treatment of Embankment and Roadside Slopes for Erosion Control.


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