GTI® Tailmesh Gabion Fascia Units

The Tailmesh is the reinforcing element of the RSW. Layers of soil sandwiching the Tailmesh are compacted to a required degree to form the RSW. It is to be noted that Tailmesh reinforcement is suitable in RSWs of relatively low heights only. For high height walls, higher strength reinforcement provided by Geogrids is required.

GTI Tailmesh Gabion Fascia Units are used to build Reinforced Soil Walls (RSW)as an alternative to Gabion Gravity Walls. The essential feature of GTI Tailmesh Gabion Fascia Units is a ‘tail’ made of the same hexagonal-shaped double twisted wire mesh (DT mesh) as the body of the gabion box, and the tail is an integral part of the base of the unit, i.e. there is no joint, it is a continuous sheet of DT mesh. Hence the name ‘Tailmesh’.

Tailmesh Gabion Fascia Units
Green Tailmesh Gabion Fascia Units

GTI® Green Tailmesh Gabion Fascia Units

GTI ‘Green’ Tail-mesh Gabion structures rely upon the PVC coated wire mesh placed horizontally within the slope with backfill compacted upon it. The inclined fascia panel is reinforced with Weld mesh and with erosion-control bio- degradable GTI Geo-mat (supported with 8 mm hooks at 1 m intervals). The fascia panel is fully integrated with the PVC coated wire mesh reinforcement and is backfilled at the project site to form an inclined fascia structure that is permeable and flexible. The double twist wire mesh reinforcement takes advantage of the friction acting along the surface of the wire and, more importantly, the mechanical interlocking properties of the backfill.

Components of GTI ‘Green’ Tailmesh Gabion:

  • PVC Coated Double Twisted Wiremesh
  • Horizontal Shot Bar (Optional)
  • GTI Erosion-control Bio-degradable Geomat
  • Welded Steel Wiremesh
  • Triangular Supporting Bracket or 8 mm Hook and Bars
  • Steel rings or lacing wire

Special Features

  • Permeable Structure

  • Flexible Structure

  • Bio degradable geo mat provides erosion control


  • Gabion wall

  • Reinforced slope systems (RSS)

Reference codes

  • IS 16014: 2018 -Mechanically Woven, Double-Twisted, Hexagonal Wire Mesh Gabions, Revet Mattresses, Rock Fall Netting and Other Products for Civil Engineering Purposes (Galvanized Steel Wire or Galvanized Steel Wire with Polymer Coating) – Specification

  • IRC SP 116:2018 Guidelines for Design and Installation of Gabion Structures. by: Indian Roads Congress.


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