GTI® PET GEOGRID High quality polyester yarns are formed into a grid structure using a highly sophisticated knitting technology and polymeric coating technology to form a best quality GTI Geogrid. We manufacture both Uniaxial and biaxial Geogrid.

Special Features

  • Fast and Easy to install

  • Cost effective

  • Excellent and strength durability

  • Prevents excessive deformation

GTI® GXU - Uniaxial PET Geogrid

GTI GXU are uniaxial geogrids manufactured from high molecular weight (>25,000) and carboxyl end groups (<30) and high tenacity knitted polyester multifilament yarns. The yarns are woven in warp and weft directions with high tensile strength in the machine direction.

The knitted fabric is coated with a protective polymer giving a black colour to the product and resistance to chemicals in the range 2-13 and to biological organisms normally found in the soil. The coating provides stabilization against degradation due to short term exposure to UV radiation.

XU - Uniaxial PET Geogrid


  • Reinforced Gabion Wall (GTI GX wall)

  • Reinforced RCC Panel Wall (GTI PX wall)

  • Reinforced slope systems (RSS)

GX Biaxial PET Geogrid

GTI® GX Biaxial PET Geogrid

GTIGX Biaxial geogrids are high strength knitted polyester geogrid. It uses high strength polyester as its raw material which is warp knitted directionally and coated with PVC. The warp knitted polyester geogrid has the characteristic of high tensile strength, low elongation ratio, resistance to abrasion, extended life, chemically durable, in the both harsh construction installation phase and in the aggressive soil environments.

GTI GX Biaxial PET Geogrid have characteristics properties to allow it be used in soil reinforcement application with appropriate design considerations, for design life in the medium term (60 years) and in the long term (100 to 120 years).


  • Base separation /Stabilization

  • Ballast/ Subgrade reinforcement

  • Ground Improvement

  • Land Reclamation

  • Working platform

  • Haul roads / Internal Roads

Reference codes

  • MORTH 700: Geosynthetics

  • IRC SP 102: Guidelines for Design and Construction of Reinforced Soil Walls

  • IRC 113: Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankments on Soft Subsoils


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