GTI® 3D Geo-composite Reinforced Geomat

3D Geo-composite Reinforced Geomat
Reinforced Geomat

GTI 3D Geo-composite Geomat are polypropylene erosion control reinforced with double twisted steel wire mesh inserted into the 3D structure during the manufacturing process. It is design for protection and growing of grass on slopes subject to surface erosion. GTI Geo- composite 3D Geomat are three dimensional mats composed by black polypropylene yarn matted together by an extension process incorporating DT wire mesh inside the mat. The three-dimensional structure is purposely engineered for trapping a layer of topsoil, thus avoiding rainfall erosion by both sheltering the surface against the impact of raindrops and by restricting the movement of the soil particles. The DT mesh provided tensile strength to the mat making it a robust to install.

Special Features

  • Fast and Easy to install even in case of steep slopes

  • Cost effective

  • Allows vegetation growth


  • Slope Erosion Control

  • Slope Protection

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Tailing Pond

Reference codes

  • IRC 056: Recommended Practice for Treatment of Embankment and Roadside Slopes for Erosion Control


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