GTI® 3D Geo-composite Drain Sheet

3D Geo-composite Drain Sheet

GTI® 3D Geo-composite DRAIN Sheets are 3 (thermally bonded) layer structures – the middle rigid layer is made of HDPE extrusion molded in a special process. The vertical arrangement of the layers forms a straight-line water draining channel. The two outer layers are made of non-woven polypropylene geo-textile enhancing the drainage system and providing stability. Water enters through the geo-textile and then travels horizontally within the geo-net to a suitable exit. The middle geonet layer consists of two sets of parallel ribs which lie in two planes and are integrally connected with rhomboidal mesh openings. The product fully conforms to the requirements of RDSO.

Special Features

  • Fast and Easy to install

  • Excellent durability and drainage capacity

  • Cost effective

  • Perfect replacement to drainage material


  • Base separation /Stabilization

  • Ground Improvement

  • Reinforced Concrete wall

  • Reinforced Gabion Wall (GTI GX wall)

  • Reinforced RCC Panel Wall (GTI PX wall)

  • Gabion Gravity Wall

  • Land Reclamation

  • Haul roads / Internal Roads

Reference codes

  • MORTH 700: Geosynthetics

  • IRC 056: Recommended Practice for Treatment of Embankment and Roadside Slopes for Erosion Control


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